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Imagine: There is no local medical clinic or doctor where you live

Imagine: To receive medical care and medicines you have to walk a days journey to see a doctor

Imagine: You earn just 3 dollars per week picking tea leaves

Imagine: To see a doctor it will cost you your entire weeks wage

Imagine: Choosing between seeking medical help for your dying child and the only job you have ever known.

Imagine: This pattern continuing for your children and your grandchildren.

It is hard to imagine such a life, a life most Americans have never known. But that is the reality for millions in rural Bangladesh. Their lives hinge on the balance of nature and blessings of good health.

Bridge of Grace aims to make a change in that balance to the favor of so many who do not yet have the resources to help themselves. “Project Imagine” is an ambitious plan to deliver medical care and education to those in greatest need.

There are three key elements to “Project Imagine’s” foundation-

  1. A medical clinic in the rural tea gardens to serve the physical needs of those who are yet unserved.

  2. An orphanage/boarding school to break the cycle of poverty for the next generation

  3. A medical technician training program to raise the standard for the family wage earner now.

Imagine: How you can be a part of” Project Imagine” and change lives today and for generations to come. $100,000 is needed to begin building for tomorrow.

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